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Our people are our most important asset.

The quality of our consultants is the key to SSI’ success. SSI prides itself on recruiting individuals with exceptional technical skills and outstanding consulting ability. This pool of talent ensures that we are able to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.

Consulting at SSI

SSI is vendor neutral and our clients are across a broad range of industries. SSI considers a number of factors when allocating employees to projects.  Our focus is to create technically and culturally strong teams that will work together to adapt and integrate smoothly into our clients’ environment.

No two projects are the same, no two teams are the same, therefore no two roles are really the same, and thus flexibility and adaptability is the key to a successful consulting role at SSI.

What makes a successful SSI consultant?
  • Professional attitude and attire
  • Strong technical and business competence
  • Customer focus and client management
  • Strong communication skills
  • Keeping abreast of the latest technology and business trends
  • Actively identifying and implementing initiatives that will assist the client and SSI
  • Being involved in organisational activities and initiatives
  • Asking questions and being solutions focussed
  • A proactive approach to problem solving
  • Adaptability and flexibility – as a consultant with SSI you will be moved to different sites and clients, between teams or work on your own.
Retaining Our People

We believe in building long term relationships with both our employees and our clients. Therefore by recruiting and retaining the best people in the industry, we can offer our clients a quality and stable employee base, and in turn a dynamic environment for our employees to work and develop in.
To achieve this, we provide our employees with:
  • A supportive environment
  • Training in the latest technologies and methodologies
  • Career planning and growth, ensuring their career is moving in a direction that interests and motivates them
  • Opportunities to work with a variety of technologies across a number of industries and client sites
  • Involvement in company and special interest group meetings, allowing employees to network with their colleagues as well as be involved in internal projects that will improve both their technical and interpersonal skills
  • Fair and equitable treatment for all our employees
  • A professional image that is promoted and maintained across the whole company
  • Open-door management policy: all employees have direct access to the Managing Director, the Management Team and the Human Resources Department to discuss and resolve any issue
Investing in Our People

At SSI we recognise the importance of a capable, flexible and motivated team of employees. An employee’s ability to communicate effectively, learn and apply new skills, perform and enjoy their work and be a part of the SSI culture, impacts positively on our success.

SSI appreciates that each individual has their own career goals, unique range of skills, knowledge, experience and ability, which needs to be acknowledged, shared and further developed. We work with our people to:
  • Develop and apply new skills and knowledge
  • Assist them to realise their goals and maximise their potential
  • Contribute towards the company's success
  • Provide an enjoyable and rewarding work experience
  • Assist them to improve their performance in all aspects of their role
  • Utilise subject matter experts in the design and delivery of development programs
  • Increase the SSI technical and business knowledge base.
SSI is a community of like minded professionals striving as a team for excellence in delivering quality solutions to the market place.
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