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SSI has three major delivery models through which we provide our services. These models are very flexible, and ensure that it is very easy for our clients to engage us. SSI could utilise any or a combination of the following engagement models, depending on the project and situation.

Project Outsourcing

SSI provides project outsourcing services to several clients. These services include the management, design, development, implementation and on-going support and maintenance of solutions in a broad range of business and technology environments.

This experience includes providing enhancement and support & maintenance services in both packaged and custom developed environments.

In addition to our application outsourcing services, SSI also provides outsourced facilities management services.

SSI has the unique ability to accommodate the full outsourcing of a project on client premises or alternatively within our own project offices in Melbourne or Sydney.


SSI works with many of our clients as a “preferred supplier” to provide services in conjunction with their own employees or other organisations. This model results in SSI either being responsible for a component of an overall project or working with client staff throughout the full systems development lifecycle across a project or program of work.

It is worth noting that SSI retains a preferred supplier relationship with the majority of our clients.

Individual Specialists

SSI works with several clients to provide specialist staff across our full services capability when a client needs specific assistance on a project, as opposed to full or partial outsourcing. The duration of our involvement can vary from short through medium to long term. The duration of this assistance may range from one day to one year or more.

Working Together

Our focus is to integrate seamlessly, work very closely with your key stakeholders, and become more of an extension of your own workforce, than an external supplier.

It is our commitment to invest in the time to understand your business and your operational outcomes to increase our staff’s emotional ‘buy-in’ to each project that we work on. Because of this approach to providing services, SSI is often asked to assist in the growth, cross skilling and mentoring of client full time employees.
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